Since 1777, one year after our nation gained its independence, fireworks have been a part of Fourth of July celebrations. However, due to social distancing measures, many fireworks shows this year have been canceled in Southern California. But that doesn’t mean your Fourth of July has to be any less memorable! Here are three fun, alternative Fourth of July activities to keep you entertained:


1. Bake Patriotic Treats

Baking red, white, and blue treats is a great way to get into the Fourth of July spirit! There are so many fun options, from simply adding patriotic sprinkles to your favorite brownies to creating a beautifully elaborate flag-themed pie. Feel free to get creative with your baking for a Fourth of July treat the whole family will enjoy—and tag #VillaSerrano so we can see what you made!

2. Create Fourth of July Decorations

Making crafts is another great way to celebrate the Fourth of July! Not only will you enjoy the creative experience, but you will also have a fun, patriotic piece to decorate with afterwards. Add the stars and stripes to your home with a red, white, and blue banner, placemat, pillow, wall hanging, or another craft that interests you. Check out these ideas for inspiration!

3. Enjoy a Small Barbecue

Because of social distancing, you may not be able to host any Fourth of July parties with friends or neighbors in Anaheim this year. Even so, don’t skip the barbecue! Host a small gathering with your immediate household at home. Try out revamped versions of your traditional barbecue recipes and enjoy some Fourth-themed games. Don’t forget to add your patriotic dessert to the serving table!


Even though the pandemic may call for a few changes to your Fourth of July celebration, it doesn’t have to be any less enjoyable! By baking, crafting, and barbecuing at home, your day is sure to be filled with fun, unique memories of celebrating the Fourth of July in 2020!