With summer just around the corner, lots of people are looking to get out and have some fun on the beach. But is it safe to go to the beach? Many beaches have shut down due to COVID-19, but some, like nearby Newport Beach, have begun to reopen—but with restrictions. If you are planning a trip to the beach, take the steps necessary to protect others and yourself. Here are three beach safety guidelines to follow.

Wear Masks and Social Distance

The CDC has said that people should use face coverings “in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.” That means, if you are on your way to a public park or beach, wearing a mask is a pretty good idea. If you can practice social distancing, you don’t always have to use your mask, but you should always have one on hand just in case.

Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen

COVID-19 safety issues could cause us to forget normal beach safety. Make sure to protect your skin by using sunblock and reapply every two hours. Sunblock should be worn on your face even if you are wearing a mask, as it’s unlikely that the mask will protect you from UV rays.

Don’t Count on Public Facilities

If you need to use the bathroom often, you should probably skip the trip to the beach, at least for now. Or, you should at least limit your time, because there’s a good chance the restrooms will not be open. Concessions stands will likely be closed as well. Surfaces that are typically touched—including toilet handles, faucets, and doorknobs—are perfect places for the virus to collect. And if you touch one of these places, you could contract it. So make sure to touch as few things as possible.

As California slowly beings to reopen, it’s crucial we be careful, even at the beach. Remember to observe social distancing, apply sunscreen, and don’t over-rely on public facilities. Above all, though, remember to have fun this summer!