Welcome to your new apartment! Finally, you’ve unpacked everything, your furniture is put in place, and the bed is set up and ready for a long, well-earned rest.

The satisfaction of moving in may carry you for days or even weeks, but sooner or later, you start to feel as though something is missing. Your new apartment has everything you need, sure, but does it really feel like home?

If you’ve been feeling this way, don’t worry. It doesn’t take extensive renovations or expensive appliances to fill that hole. You can make your new apartment feel like home with only a few small adjustments—adjustments that you can make all at once or over time. Here are four simple items that will make your apartment feel like home without breaking the bank.


The key to turning your space into a home is to give it touches that are unique to your personality. Art is the easiest way to do just that. It could be mementos of your past, work by favorite artists, or even photos of friends and families. Whatever it is, choose items that make you happy. If you really want to take full advantage of the space, consider selecting art that fits a theme or color.


Not only are plants a chance to practice taking care of a living thing, but they also look great in any living space. Research has shown that indoor plants benefit us in many ways, from improving concentration to aiding in stress management. If you doubt your ability to keep something alive, start out small with a low-maintenance plant like a succulent, or fake it till you make it with an artificial plant.


When you move in, your apartment’s overhead lighting will be enough to get the basic job done. However, if you want to control the mood in your apartment and add some variety, buy some extra lighting. A floor lamp in the corner or a small lamp on an end table can make a huge difference. You can even make a room feel bigger and brighter by hanging a mirror directly opposite a window.


Though your apartment already came with Venetian or vertical blinds to cover your windows, you don’t need to leave them as is. Adding curtains is a great way to reframe a window with a personal flare and add a splash of color.

Nowhere feels like home from the moment you move in. It takes time and intentional effort to transform a space and make it your own. Start with the simple touches we’ve discussed—art, plants, lighting, and curtains—and your apartment will feel more like home with every day that passes.