Do you know what type of neighbor you are? Do you watch television late at night? Do you sometimes ask to borrow some baking supplies? Do you leave your pet’s poop or pee on the lawn so that your neighbors can get a smell of it at the start of their day?

Hopefully, you are not a fan of at least one of those above. If there are things you can improve on, here are four pointers on how being a good neighbor benefits your life and your community.

You’ll feel safer.

Being a good neighbor means that you know the surrounding tenants and show kindness to them. This encourages your neighbors to look after your apartment when you are not around or even warn you if there’s any suspicious activity near your parked car. In other words, they will have your back!

Your social connections will get bigger.

It is so much fun to have your friends close to you. Getting to know your neighbors could mean more pool parties, barbecue cookouts, dinner groups, and game nights in your life. Interacting with people around you can help you build lifelong friendships that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

You’ll get a support system.

Not all people have family to turn to in times of need. You might be the type of person that is attending school or working away from home. Maybe your family isn’t very close. Whatever your situation is, and whether you need some advice, a favor, or a babysitter, being a good neighbor and forming close friendships will give you an immediate group that you can rely on. The next time you have a bad day, you’ll know where you can turn.

You’ll live a happy and healthy life.

According to research, friendships have an impact on our overall health as much as getting enough sleep and refraining from smoking. Social connections are known for reducing stress, which in return can improve your heart health and immune system. A lack of social interaction can have the opposite effect on our health and lead to an increase in depression. If you want to be happier and healthier, start by being a good neighbor and increasing your social connections.

Being a good neighbor and helping others helps you in return. You’ll feel safer, expand your friendships, develop a support system, and experience happiness and good health. The next time a new family moves in or someone in your community needs help, don’t be afraid to reach out. There are many benefits that could come from it!